How To Claim Your Listing

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Follow These Steps to Claim Your Listing

Claiming your listing is all about taking ownership of your listing so that you can not only control what people see about your business (on this site), but you can make it clear to visitors why your business is the one they should visit. 

At the same time, it is about giving us sufficient evidence proving that you are legitimately claiming your listing and not that of someone else by accident, so that we can easily give you access to the listing.

Follow the steps below to do it.

Steps to Claim Your Listing

Step 1 - Go to the main page of the website

Step 2 - Search for your business by name or address and click Search

Step 3 - Click your listing when it appears

Step 4 - Click the Claim your Listing button

Step 5 - You will see a dialog indicating that you need to either login or Register an account to Claim your listing.

This is because you need an account to take control of your listing - otherwise anyone could claim it and change it - so you must first register.

Step 6 - Click the Login button

Step 7 - Enter a First Name, Last Name, User Name, Email and Password - save these login details for future reference. Use them next time to you login to update your listing. 

If you've forgotten your password click the Forgotten Password link but you must know the email address you used previously.

Enter the email and click Send Link.

Then go to your email and click the link in the email.

Step 8 - After you're successfully registered (or logged in successfully after registering) you'll land on the Accounts page and you'll see a screen that shows your successful claimed listings under "Your Listings" and and listings awaiting validation under "Pending Listings".

Step 9 - Now that you've logged in you need to repeat your search and click the Claim Your Listing button again.

Step 10 - A form is displayed into which you enter your business email, your phone number and any detail from which we can verify your business.

Step 11 - When done click the "Claim Your Business Now!" button.

Step 12 - You will receive an on screen message with the following text.
"Thank you - Your claim has been submitted. Please sit back and relax. It may take up to a few business days for approval."

Click OK

If you attempt to submit your listing before you've received approval you will receive an on-screen message with the following text. 
"Sorry! You have already submitted claim for this listing."

We will receive your claim and respond to it within 48 hours, indicating a success or failure of your claim.

If your claim succeeds, you will see the words "Verified" in place of the Claim Your Listing button.

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